Art Car Bus Stop


The ART CAR BUS STOP is a perfect place to pass the time while you wait for your ride to arrive.

Our fully equipped LOUNGE is a great place to take a load off. Catch some z’s in our hammock. Make new friends while unwinding on our comfortable seats.

Thirsty? Head on over to the LARRY’S DINER. When our bartender is there, it’s game on. When he’s not, help yourself to the barware and craft something out of your own pack. Remember, sharing = caring!

Find something new by way of losing something old at the LOST AND FOUND OFFICE. A self-serve trading post, this is what you make of it. Write a note for someone you’ve never met. Trade it for a half-filled pink disposable lighter.

Of course, what rural bus stop is complete without a FULLY EQUIPPED DANCE FLOOR? Our superstar DJ’s will be dropping beats, so feel free to hop on our CARPETED DANCE FLOOR and shake a tail-feather under our INTELLIGENT LIGHTING SETUP. Blinky blink! Whoop whoop!

Once you’re done feasting on the beats, wander over to our ART GALLERY and feed your mind with some amazingly cool art.

Ah, but look! Your Art Car has arrived. Finally! Talk about a RITE OF PASSAGE: An Art Car came to get YOU! Look who’s all grown up? Amazing. All aboard!

Thanks for waiting at the ART CAR BUS STOP!