Art Car Bus Stop


This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been doing this for a while, see. We’re pretty good at burning stuff.


A hundred years ago a few of our team were among the founding members started a little camp called the “Mystical Misfits”. If you’ve been to the Playa before, you know these guys. They had that big crazy-awesome plexiglass face thing that was underneath a giant swing that hung in a cavernous space constructed by scaffold.

LAST YEAR: Mytropolis

Our team decided to create something new for 2010, and as such, created the theme camp and art installation entitled “Mytropolis“. The concept was a “user generated city”, where burners were invited to stop by our camp where they could fashion a building out of our vast array of crafting and fabricating supplies. Located behind the Bliss Dance statue, our art project featured a two-story viewing platform that was surrounded by “buildings” created by guests who stopped by our camp. As the week progressed, the city grew until Saturday night. After the man burned, guys in Godzilla costumes smashed the city to bits and we lit the whole damned thing on fire, powered by 25 gallons of bacon grease from our friends at “Bacon Without Borders”.

THIS YEAR: Art Car Bus Stop

Same crew, new concept! The vibe and energy of our core team rolls from one project to the other. A new experience drawing on the lessons learned! Watch us grow and evolve next year. We’re crazy like that!


Do what You want to do

Don’t do it alone

Everyone works

You already know what to do

Feelings don’t speak, You do

It’ll all work out

Happy Burn!

The Art Car Bus Stop is NOW!