Art Car Bus Stop


Look at them, out there on the Playa. Glistening, shining party machines, cruising the barren landscape, blasting beats, flashing lights, and occasionally venting huge balls of fire into the air. Everyone on board looks so happy, so blissful.

You’ve got to get on one of those things!

But how? They’re so bloody fast. You can’t run after one, you’ll spill your margarita. Try to out-think them? You drive your bike out to some crazy art installation in the deep playa in hopes one of those mighty mobile parties may visit there. But alas, they skitter on the distance, like fireflies riding unicorns. Like some distant oasis, shimmering across the desert. By the time you cycle there, alas, they are gone. Lost, like tears in rain.

Is there no method to this madness?

If only there some SOME DESIGNATED PLACE that you could WAIT, a predetermined spot that acted as a flame for these crazy neon moths. A friendly place, where waiting is half the fun. A place of comfort, music, art, energy, excitement and friendship.




Where waiting is half the fun!