Art Car Bus Stop


The goal of our camp is to capture the sense of community found at a rural Bus Depot. A hub where Burners can “wait” for the next Art Car to come along, surely lured by our giant lit “ART CAR BUS STOP” sign. We’ll host a relaxing lounge with amazing art on display from various LA based artists. Burners can discover something new by losing something old at our self-serve “Lost and Found Office”. We’ll fire up the DJ booth for a few hours a day to entertain so guests can get down on our carpeted dance floor and groove to our intelligent LED lighting setup.

Like rural bus stops, we want to foster a sense of community, where people can come together under the guise of “waiting for the next bus”. It’ll be a great place to relax, make friends, see cool art while hearing some great music in the process. Several Art Car equipped friends have promised to stop by, perhaps that will spread and we’ll quickly become the go-to Art Car destination!