Art Car Bus Stop

Camp Plan

Here’s our current camp plan.

The frontage is our theme camp – a suburban bus stop. “The Depot” is the dance-floor, where the audio goodness is provided by LA’s Famous “Alien Underground” (that’ll explain the alien heads spray-painted on the face of our B-52 Subwoofers). “The Depot” has a traffic lighting system that can be used by both busses and dancers, a dazzling array of intelligent¬†Chauvet units.

“Larry’s Diner” is the lounge, where burners can wait for a ride while enjoy the company of good friends under our mammoth shade structure. Chairs, tables and communal bar-ware for mixing cocktails will be at your disposal. Who knows, the bar may magically open for an unannounced happy-hour or two, but those are unscheduled (much like Art Cars we’re hoping to lure in… c’mon, we all know those things don’t stick to a schedule). Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy a freshly made Mai-Tai lovingly hand-crafted by our Fez wearing mixologist!

At the “Lost and Found” you’ll find that wonderful thing you didn’t even know you lost in the first place. Swap it for something in your pack, which you can leave that for the next guest who happens to come along. Essentially a self-serve Barter station, the “Lost and Found” is a social experiment. We’ll load up the station pre-burn with oddball trinkets and sundries, and will post online how we netted out post-burn. Will we end up with cool stuff, or a bunch of dead batteries and matchbooks with the words “gift certificate good for one free hug” scrawled on the inside? Who knows!

Our generators fire up when needed, but don’t run all day. For incidental power and late-night LED lighting, we rely on a solar setup (an 85 watt, 5 amp panel that feeds a deep-cylce battery array) for noiseless, stinkless power. But let’s be honest, the sun can only take you so far when you’re turning up an 18 inch subwoofer. For that, you need the power of decomposed dinosaurs.