Art Car Bus Stop

Campers & Camping

This page is for our campers. CAMPERS! The active “who’s bringing what” list is HERE.

Remember, if something is blank, feel free to volunteer and fill that blank space!

Some people look at our site with wonder and say “wow, you guys are so cool! (and yes, thank you, we are). They then ask “how can I camp with you guys”?


Well, see, that’s kind of the thing. It’s a bit like a speakeasy. You found the joint, that’s step one. But to get in, you need to know the password. And to know the password, you need a member of the speakeasy to vouch for you and say “yeah, he’s cool, he’s a friend of mine”. Then you get to come in.

We’re a camp of friends, and friends of friends. So the best (and only) way to camp with us is to get someone already in the camp to say “this is my friend X, he/she is going to camp with us, he/she is super cool, and nice, and not at all creepy”. Presto BANGO! You’re in.

If you don’t KNOW anybody in the camp, well then, this next burn is a great way to meet our crew! Come on down! Have a drink with us! Dance to our music! Tell us we look really good in our pink combat pants! High five us for no reason! Then we’ll be friends, and next year, BOY HOWDY, will you be happy we met.