Leave No Trace


We bust our hump every single year to ensure we are 100% compliant with the “Leave No Trace” ethos of Burning Man. But you know what? Actions speak louder than words. So check it out – Burning Man Moop Map 2010, our theme camp “Mytropolis” nets a 100% GREEN RATING!



Our crew abides by simple rules:

LNT: The LNT Director is EVERYONE. We all sign on the dotted line. We will not accept anything less than a green rating, year after year. We run multiple line sweeps and magnet brooms before departing the Playa. Work is checked by a “Lieutenant LNT” who is will give final LNT approval before our camp is cleared for Exodus.

REDUCE. Our kitchen is communal. Once coffee maker, one spice rack, one sink. Campers are designated elements to bring. We don’t haul up un-needed junk, or double up on crap. Sharing = caring and it also equals less waste. We’ve got one bottle of dish soap, not twenty seven little bottles.

REUSE. Insulated beer mugs are washed and re-inserted into our camp freezer for chilling until they are required again (which generally isn’t very long). Melted cooler water is filtered and used for dust mitigation. Even the coffee from our coffee grounds is collected in jars and re-used as fertilizer after the event.

RECYLE. We actively recycle metals, plastics and glass and have designated containers for each substance. Recyclables are packed out at the end of the event and delivered to recycling facilities outside of Reno by Lieutenant LNT before we all hit the Stardust Hotel in Reno on Monday Night for a much needed shower and (possibly) a nice heater at the craps table to make up for any unplanned camp costs.

MOOP FREE BLING: No glowsticks, no feather boas. Blinkies all use batteries, which are collected at camp when they expire so they can be recycled post Playa.

GREY WATER: We deploy a clever “dipped t-shirt” scoop plan to deal with grey water. A black tarp is settled into a 2×4 frame, and above that are a series of cotton T-shirts that are suspended on additional 2×4’s. The shirts wick the water up from the pond not unlike the fins of a radiator, thus giving more surface area for evaporation.

CANDY CANE’D: All rebar is capped either with stuffed animals, tennis balls, foam bobble heads or simply bent and deco’d. Several solar garden lamps are deployed around the camp to ensure the safety of drunken guests as they stumble through our home. Everything is tied down to ensure elements of our camp don’t become airborne weapons of neighborhood destruction during a howling gale. All rebar is removed at the end of the event (of course). Stubborn rebar is verbally insulted and called degrading names until it is finally relents and ends up in the back of the van.

BURN IT OR PACK IT OUT. Public burn barrels deal with the little stuff. Anything else gets chucked in the back of our trash van.